Hi all. Like many marketing activities, the development of POP display or in-store initiatives can take significantly more time than you might imagine. While no two projects are the same, below is a quick rule-of-thumb guideline as to what to expect and plan for, in preparing for an effective POP display program.

The key to minimising development time is a tight brief, including information such as, Which retailer? What products? How many? Who merchandises the display? How do you anticipate logistics working? And most importantly budget. Giving your POP supplier a budget to work to can reduce design and development time significantly. Also wherever possible share the brand or campaign imagery and story, this can be helpful in ensuring solutions are both on-brand and can offer the seed for creativity in display design.

There are generally many stakeholders to include in the solution, the brand objectives, the sales team eg. what sell-in deal works, the retailer eg. What they are most likely to welcome into the store? How long do they require to give the go-ahead? Merchandising organizations, what vehicles do they drive? what pack size restrictions do they have? and logistics eg. pallet restrictions, labelling requirements etc.. Allow a couple of rounds of discussion and amendment to gather this information and achieve buy-in.

In summary the steps to plan for include…

Ideas, thinking, design, concept mock-ups or visuals

Retailer sell-in

Refinement of the concept

Structural design & testing

Graphic design

Artwork proofing




Note that Production is 1 of 9 steps and is a long way down the list, so its the steps above that are worth keeping a close eye on to ensure a timely execution of your next POP display project.

Happy marketing!