"We designed a freestanding display made out of cardboard for 3M to use in Woolworths supermarkets in Australia."

Cardboard display stands that are pre-packed with stock

Custom designed point of sale displays for supermarkets

Cardboard shelf display that is pre packed with stock for supermarket
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Genesis Retail Displays is a point of sale display design agency in Sydney that can create, manufacture and distribute new POP Displays for products that are to be sold in Woolworths or Coles supermarkets in Australia. The example in the video above was a freestanding cardboard display that we designed for global brand 3M to display a range of products in Woolworths.


To get approval to use this type of cardboard display stand 3M needed to provide Woolworths a pre-packed POP solution. This means that once the display unit was delivered to the allocated supermarket, the cover would be removed and the display was ready for the goods to be sold.


That’s right – no other set-up, packing or in-store merchandising is required.


It is ready to sell products from the moment it is placed on the retail floor for the fastest possible turn around time between distribution & in-store delivery. Compare this to sending flat packs, then waiting for the stock to arrive & scheduling retail merchandisers – there is no comparison really.


While this type of freestanding cardboard point-of-sale display unit can cost more than an off-the-shelf design that is for sale in bulk, any brand will quickly win back the return on investment through reduced set-up costs, faster turnaround times & a customised design that specifically suits your products.


Every element that we design has a single purpose in mind which is;

  • Extremely fast set up time.
  • Minimal product or display unit damage.
  • Very simple logisitcs.
  • No requirement for extra resources like merchandisers or installation terms.


Clever product managers or trade marketing managers will quickly appreciate the net net cost savings this type of point of sale display unit can deliver. It can save days between a store receiving a display unit and getting it onto a retail shop floor, it pays for itself quite literally.

Semi permanent cardboard freestanding retail displays

The majority of cardboard display stands are manufactured using very low cost paper based materials to ensure they can last for a week or two at most while a promotional campaign is running. Our point of sale display design team will always give a brand a choice of materials including heavy gauge cardboard to turn the display into something that is semi-permanent. Heavy duty cardboard can deal with the high traffic volumes of supermarkets and it increases the chances of a brand holding their display space for longer than originally planned.


While some supermarket locations are extremely organised and well drilled when it comes to planogram management, there are stores that will leave promotional displays in place even after a catalogue period has ended. Especially if the display is in good condition.


This can create bonus exposure beyond the planned period to maximise investment even further. Our industrial design team also spends a lot of time making sure that each shelf or hook is capable of sustaining a load for a long period of time. We will actually test the weights of each hook or shelf by using real products during the development stages.


All of these attributes do add to the cost per unit, but very quickly this is recovered by having a greater number of stores using the displays for a longer period of time vs being thrown into the rubbish. We even came up with a design that could be placed back to back so that locations could place them in an open area with visibility from any direction.


The other unique aspect of this design was the inclusion of an ‘upsell’ area that could present product information to help educate shoppers. This type of information is very valuable when it comes to helping shoppers make their selections. If done correctly it can lift average selling prices while also reducing shopper confusion, thus delivering higher conversion ratios vs unassistated sales.


Each hang sell unit also included space for the price ticket tab to ensure the standard ticketing used by Woolworths could be placed onto this unit for store compliance requirements.

What are the benefits of pre-packed cardboard display stands?

Cardboard display stands that have stock pre-packed in them can save time, money and reduce the required resources to get your promotional activity executed in a supermarket (or any other type of retail store) 


  • Very little assembly is required.
  • Loading stock is not required.
  • In-store set up time is dramatically reduced.
  • Merchandisers are not required to fill stands.
  • Compliance rates are greatly improved due to the simple execution.


Pre-packed cardboard display stands don’t limit your creative choices either. We are able to design a point of sale display that includes all kinds of attention grabbing elements while still providing the most basic functionality of holding the stock while in transit & presenting it beautifully when it is on display in a store. 


Our design team even creates the packaging that the unit is distributed in. This means every element of the display is managed down to the last millimetre to reduce shrinkage costs & maximise in store compliance.


We have access to a wide array of materials that can be used in the manufacturing process that can match the required lifespan of the display unit as well. It is reasonable for some people to refer to these are PDQ’s, although not because of their form factor, but more to do with their nature, they literally deliver on the idea of ‘Pretty Darn Quick’ or ‘Product Displayed Quickly’. They are typically not developed in a pallet size, but are just as effective. Essentially you want a bulk quantity of product that is pre-packed and placed directly on a retail shop floor in high-traffic locations – supermarkets, consumer electronics, hardware stores or even pharmacy channels.



Take a look at some of the displays we have created in our huge gallery.


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Andrew Mansfield

Andrew Mansfield

Andrew Mansfield is Director of Genesis Retail Displays and helps his clients maximise shopper engagement and sales using custom designed point of sale displays.

Andrew is a qualified Industrial Designer with 20+ years of industry experience who can provide valuable insights to maximise the effectiveness of POS display design and manufacturing. Based in Australia his prudent advice has helped many brands avoid the numerous and varied pitfalls that can compromise POS display projects.

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