PDQ displays for products in retail stores

PDQ displays can be made in all shapes and sizes for product to be displayed quickly.

Custom design point of sale company in Sydney that is a pop manufacturer for cardboard pre packed shippers
Genesis Retail Displays point of sale custom design idea for an interactive display area for an electronics retail store


Get your product on display quickly in any area of a retail store


What is a PDQ shelf display?
There are different meanings to the idea of a PDQ retail display. Ultimately they are point of sale display units that are created to be used near checkouts, sales counters or impulse purchase areas in a shop. It is all about creating an effective design that can enable these units to be pulled from transit and placed on shelf ready for sale in the minimum amount of time. PDQ stands for either;


‘Pretty Darn Quick’ or ‘Product Displayed Quickly’


What is a PDQ pallet display?
In some cases it could be a PDQ pallet display that is needed. This is a bulk quantity of product that is pre-packed and placed directly on the retail shop floor in high traffic locations. The manufacturing process includes pre-packing the PDQ with products and it means retail store staff don’t need to do any shelf packing when it arrives in store, they simply place it according to the planogram guidelines. In most cases the PDQ’s will be made from cardboard and hold multiple pieces of stock whether that is food items, cards or other merchandise. It facilitates fast stocking for sales floor staff.

Custom designed pdq retail point of sale displays for products by Genesis Retail Displays pop manufacturer in Sydney for tablets in pharmacy
Genesis Retail Displays custom point of sale design for Bundaberg Rum to display alcohol with a cardboard display stand that is modular in different sizes for small or large shops 1
Genesis Retail Displays example of a cardboard pre packed shipper point of sale display stand for consumer electronics products for Astro headphones 1


A PDQ can be designed to fit on a countertop display area of a retail shop. This could be near the checkouts or in other locations of a shop to help drive impulse purchases. A PDQ can be made out of different materials like cardboard, plastic or a mixture depending on the requirements.

It means you can make a PDQ to be a semi permanent display that is in place for many months or you can create seasonal displays for one off promotions, product launches or seasonal periods.


The word PDQ can apply to many different types of point of sale displays. The primary goal is to get a product on display really quickly and we can design units that can be free standing in off location areas or full pallet displays that are placed in high traffic areas.

Depending in the design brief these can sometimes be pre-packed so that as soon as they arrive on the shop floor the products are ready to be sold.

Our PDQ displays can cater for different product weights, shapes and sizes. A PDQ can be made out of different materials like cardboard, plastic or a mixture depending on the requirements. Some PDQ displays might be left in retail long term so we would design them to ensure replenishment was quick and easy to achieve for store staff.


Creating a custom made PDQ display means the unit is purposely designed to get your product onto a retail shop floor as quickly as possible. We consider everything from the shape of the packaging to the weight that will need to be held all the way through to your branding requirements. 

All our designs will make sure your product can be placed onto a retail shop floor with minimal effort and the fastest time possible.

are all PDQ display designs the same?

Quite simply, no. When Genesis Retail Displays creates PDQ displays for products we use our experience and knowledge to design the structure, shapes and even material thickness to ensure it meets your visual merchandising brief and be fast to install.

We can make PDQ displays that are effective, simple to install and replenish.


We can design a PDQ display to be used in various locations around a retail shop such as;

  • Point of purchase counter tops
  • Aisle ends
  • Bulk display areas
  • Cross merchandising sections
  • Gift with purchase locations
  • Gondola ends or endcaps
  • Shelf areas

what are the benefits of using cardboard for A PDQ?

Using cardboard for a PDQ display can shorten the pos manufacturing timeline and typically can be placed in lots of different locations around a retail store for maximum flexibility. It’s the cost effective way to mass produce point of sale display material for maximum coverage, especially for product launches, short term promotions or seasonal products.

We have designed and produced hundreds of PDQ display products for placement in supermarkets, pharmacy and electronic retail channels.


Genesis Retail Displays can design your PDQ display unit and set up the processes so that each unit is pre-packed and shipping into retail stores ready to put on display immediately. This is one of the biggest benefits of PDQ display solutions as they save time, logistics costs & get your products available to retail shoppers quickly.

how long can a cardboard display last for?

Given our ability to create custom point of sale solutions it means we can combine materials like plastic, wood or cardboard to create clever point of sale design ideas that can have great durability but also enable you to implement product or campaign changes while the units remain in store.

This can save time, money & most importantly retain your floor space by keeping the displays set up longer. It eliminates the need to do multiple manufacturing runs, starting the retailer approval process again, double handling freight, OH&S and logistics headaches.


Amazingly our designs can deal with a combined weight of up to 200KG of product to be held on a stand. It is our unique combination of skilled designers and the best-in-class cardboard display design software with our automated prototyping machinery that can create a custom solution to solve most point of sale display requirements.

can PDQ DISPLAYS be used for off location displays?

Cardboard point of sale display stands are the perfect solution for off location displays where you want to get your product placed in different places around a retail store. It means you can have your product on display next to complimentary items, near the checkouts or high visibility locations in a store..


Take a look at some of our case studies as we share our insights on retail point of sale design

Genesis Retail Displays pos display manufacturer in Australia for custom designs for a pre packed product shipped in a cardboard stand
Genesis Retail Displays pos display manufacturer in Australia for custom designs for a cardboard display stand that can hold heavy products
Genesis Retail Displays pos display manufacturer in Australia for custom designs for a cardboard free standing unit to show golf or sports products


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