It is incredibly important to us that we conduct ourselves in accordance with our values.


Knowing we can all depend upon each other to do what we say we will do. The expectation that my colleague will maintain their commitment to their part of the deal in supporting our customers


We’re more productive as a team than we are as individuals. Our strength is in solving issues together in a supportive way to ensure we achieve our targets.Teamwork is solving problems with the directly affected,It’s not ignore the issue.

Customer satisfaction

Together we strive to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved every time a customer does business with Genesis. We will identify the key requirements for the customer and commit to delivering on those requirements.

Excellent quality

We must all be ambassadors for excellent quality.  The quality of our communication, written and oral, together with the products we manufacture are a reflection of who we are.If in doubt always check.


We will strive to look, act and communicate to our colleagues, suppliers and customers in a professional manner that instils confidence and reassurance with whoever we deal with.