"Watch our behind the scenes video of how we deliver our custom point of sale display services. A look at pre-packed cardboard display shippers"

Pre pack custom point of sale cardboard displays

Behind the scenes of our custom point of sale design service.


As specialists in custom point of sale design we have built up a wealth of experience creating amazing point of sale displays for brands in Australian retailers. As you have seen in the video the process is quite extensive with a lot of detail put into each project.

One of the first steps of course is turning a brief into concept ideas to try and present solutions that can solve the retail display solution needed and enable the custom point of sale design process to begin.

Our team can create a number of options for consideration that can be taken to brand or product managers for approval so that creative ideas can be explored easily. 


design & prototypes

Once a concept has been agreed on we start working on the actual design and prototyping to ensure we can construct a custom point of sale design piece that will work effectively. Our team will do this with different methods depending on the brief and it will include things like weight testing and trying different materials. 



In our video we showcased the pre-packed cardboard display stands that we have been creating for Sony Playstation for a number of years. Once the concept, design & prototype process has been completed the manufacturing process begins. Depending on the scenario we will do this locally in Sydney or use our partners overseas.

We get the raw components ready, printed and die cut, then the pieces are assembled with the internals put in place ready for the outer skin printing that brings it to life. The pre packed displays make everything easy as the store just takes the lid off and puts it on display. 

We are very experienced with preparing point of sale display units for distribution, packaging them up, labelling and making sure they can travel long distances which is required for Australia.


Pre-packed displays can save a lot of time and money as they don’t need merchandisers to set them up, you open the packaging and put them on display.  It means you can achieve wide retailer coverage in a short period of time for your product to be on display.


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Andrew Mansfield

Andrew Mansfield

Andrew Mansfield is Director of Genesis Retail Displays and helps his clients maximise shopper engagement and sales using custom designed point of sale displays.

Andrew is a qualified Industrial Designer with 20+ years of industry experience who can provide valuable insights to maximise the effectiveness of POS display design and manufacturing. Based in Australia his prudent advice has helped many brands avoid the numerous and varied pitfalls that can compromise POS display projects.

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