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Here’s a video walkthrough showing the behind the scenes on sales displays assembly process.

Hi there, today we thought we’d give you a quick behind the scenes look at the assembly process of putting interactive point of sale displays together.

First, I’d like to thank the team at Logitech for entrusting us with another rollout.

Today’s display is for Ultimate Ears, so here we go.

The first step here is we start with the chassis of the display, we start to assemble some of the mounting components here, and down here Sharon and T are taking care of the audio components that go into the display, in this case to run Bluetooth speakers.

So this takes two hours of concentrated work per unit. So after those two hours, you arrived at a completed unit here, and at this stage here, we’re cleaning and testing that the audio works and the information works. make sure they’re nice and clean for packaging. What we do with these interactive displays is we help shoppers know what they’re buying, rather than ask them to guess what they’re buying, so when you go interactive or touch-and-feel, it can as much as double sales, and when you go for video as well that can increase sales up to five times.

So, from here, we come to the packaging stage. We make sure the displays are packed in robust packaging. We do the instructions with photos rather than line drawings, so the field teams can follow those nice and easily.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. You’ll see these displays in Officeworks, so do yourself a favor, get into there, and check out Ultimate Ears.