The interest from brand marketers in pre-packing has
become stronger than ever. This has been brought on
by the high cost of merchandiser store visits to set up
displays as well as the cost of distributing POS Material
to stores.
Brand marketers are finding that creating a functional
pre-packed display solution is a far more effective and
economical means of getting your product in store and
displayed by the retailer.
The pre-pack model also arms sales teams with an
attractive sell-in deal for retailers.
The key here lays in ensuring a few factors are in place.
1. The carton containing the goods and POS material
weighs no more than the regulatory 16kgs.
2. The product and POS is packed in a fashion that
allows for no movement and protected against
damage to the contents.
3. The display should be able to be assembled in a
matter of 2 or 3 steps and have a limited number of
pieces… in other words a no brainer to assemble.