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Cardboard displays are one of the most cost effective instore advertising mediums.

For as little as $5 per cardboard display, you can get your product noticed and bought.  Cardboard displays can be produced in many custom point of sale display formats, such as counter displays, dump bins, cardboard display stands, hang-sells, shelf displays, pre-pack displays and pallet displays. Any of these can help you make a big visual impact with minimum cost.

POS cardboard displays offer a world of benefits. Their make allows them be designed in any shape or size, as well as strengthened to suit their required longevity. All of the cardboard used in our displays is recycled and we ensure that each design takes into account the ease of assembly by retailers or brand merchandising colleagues.

Further benefits of cardboard displays include the ability to ship the product and POS display together, forming what is known as a pre-pack display unit. This not only saves time in a logistic sense, but also saves money in halving the number of deliveries you need to ship to each store.

Complemented by other materials, such as plastics and woods, the use of cardboard displays can be extended. With a clever design, campaign changeability over time can also be achieved, saving big dollars when compared with manufacturing several runs of cardboard displays per year, not to mention the cost of multiple distribution programs.

Amazingly, weights of up to 200KG of product can be displayed in cardboard displays. Combining skilled designers and the best-in-class cardboard display design software and automated prototyping machinery, Genesis Retail Displays can create solutions to the most challenging of point of sale display challenges.

See the gallery for industry related examples of our cardboard displays produced as counter displays, floor displays, pre-pack displays, brochure displays, dump bins and temporary displays.