"We helped this Australian business create unique, interactive, corflute countertop shelf displays"

A cardboard countertop display that is interactive

Custom designed product display to demonstrate a new idea

Retail point of sale display with a QR code
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Excellent service, great company. They understood what I was after straight away and were not phased by the unusual brief to make x300 display sheep for Vet clinics rural stores!

Professional turn around from the whole team, I communicated with the owner, designer, production and admin staff... a good company culture with people who genuinely want the best for their clients.

Robin Smith - Founder of numnuts

SHOP! 2021 Award Winner

Genesis Retail Displays, together with Numnuts, received industry recognition for this point of sale display. We won Bronze in the category of Specialty Retail-Permanent Display’s at the Shop! 2021 Retail Marketing Awards.

How we helped this brand

Robin Smith is the founder of numnuts and he was looking for an Australian point of sale design agency that could help him create a custom made point of sale display to show off his products on countertop areas, we did this using corflute.

Numnuts provides targeted pain relief for tail docking and castration of sheep with a rubber ring. They have designed an easy to use ring applicator, combined with an injector that dispenses NumOcaine anaesthetic. It is a product that has been validated by the CSIRO in Australia and the product provides lambs the best start in life, giving welfare focused sheep farmers an ethical, sustainable approach to castration and de-tailing.

Numnuts is a truly remarkable innovation that provides targeted pain relief for docking and castration of sheep with a rubber ring, which until now has been non-existent.  It is an easy-to-use ring applicator, combined with an injector that dispenses NumOcaine anaesthetic.  “Barry” the Numnuts educational counter display was required to draw attention and educate potential users on a never seen before invention in many and varied environments including Vet clinics, Rural hardware, Rural stock supplies and educational facilities.  The brand needed a “sales rep” in very far-flung locations where it was impossible for sales people to travel to.

Robin wanted to build awareness of numnuts with a product point of sale display that could be placed in vet clinics and rural stores in Australia. Although the pos design brief was a little unique because Robin wanted to show off the product as well as a faux sheep tail to help bring it to life.

He didn’t want a simple cardboard shipper stand so we helped come up with some POS display ideas for him to choose from that could achieve his goals. What we ended up creating was simple, effective & even enabled Robin to include little information cards that people could take away. The small footprint of the corflute shelf display it would make it really easy for Robin to get it placed on countertop areas.

How did we approach the design process?

Key challenges Included:

  • How to demonstrate the use of the product without the presence of the animal, or a sales person.

  • How to best show the group of products that make the solution-the application device, pain relief and latex rings.

  • How best to present the product in rural outlets which are typically very robust, ad-hoc environments.

  • Rural outlet team members are not necessarily familiar with set-up of POS displays on a regular basis so simple assembly was paramount.

  • How to achieve an effective display in a cost-effective way.

  • How to make a compact shipping logistic to minimize distribution costs.


To make the process easy we helped by creating a prototype and also assisting with the logistics of getting the point of sale distributed in packaging that would ensure it didn’t get damaged in transit.

Using corflute made this product point of sale execution cost effective and scaleable. To really help it stand out the interactive elements included the application gun, the lamb tail and a sample product. Fast, easy & effective for people to visualise what the product did when visiting a vet.

Genesis Retail Displays managed the design, manufacturing and production of this corflute point of sale design in Australia.

What was incorporated into the point of sale display design?

  • Visual impact – A faux sheep’s tail, combined with the prominent presentation of the clever brand name and sheep face logo makes the display impossible to miss in-store, and creates an instant talking point.

  • Interactive – The display gathers and presents the suite of products in a compact way. The inclusion of the applicator tool encourages physical interaction leading to clear understanding of how the product works, together with the benefits for livestock.

  • Secure – Security wires keep the demonstration components connected to the display.

  • Informative – Take away brochures and QR codes show potential customers videos of the product being used in the field, a setting that is much more familiar to them, lets them see better how it can work for them on their property

  • Simple to distribute – The display is distributed flat-packed as a kit with the products.

  • Easy to assemble – Being one piece, the display is very easy to assemble. Included photo-based instructions assist the process.

  • Durable – The use of corflute means the display is resistant to humidity and potential liquids which is important for rural stores.

  • Australian made – Production was carried out in Australia


Barry has been installed in 49 education facilities around the country, 25 rural hardware stores & 138 in vet clinics. The incorporation of a faux sheep’s tail and genitals was the defining inclusion in the design which immediately created visual impact and a practical demonstration of the context for the product. Neat location of a complex shape product and its application presents the products in a professional, organized way. The clever one-piece die-cut design makes manufacture very simple and cost-effective.  This also makes for very simple assembly for those unfamiliar with assembly of POS displays.

What is corflute when used in point of sale displays?

For lots of retail brands the most typical product point of sale material that will get used is cardboard. In the majority of cases this will satisfy a product marketing execution where you only need a short in-store life of a few weeks. Cardboard shipper displays may last longer depending on the thickness and construction but for most retail environments they will quickly get damaged.

For product and brand managers that want to create product point of sale displays pieces that last longer in retail stores then you have to start considering the use of other types of construction materials. 

Corflute is essentially a plastic version of corrugated cardboard which offers better durability with a more rugged design that has great resistance to liquids and humidity. Corflute is the industry name given to corrugated polypropylene which is a fluted plastic that is lightweight yet rigid. The plastic is extruded to give it the large rectangular flutes all the way through it and we use it extensively on a number of our point of sale display projects where the items need to last for a few months or longer. Depending on how the corflute point of sale is designed it can last a few years.

Corflute is non toxic and fairly resistant to most chemicals and it is a cost effective material to use for point of sale product displays that is recyclable too. A point of sale design agency in Australia like Genesis Retail Displays can custom design a product display, from scratch, that uses materials like corflute, wood, perspex, glass or other materials to create exactly the type of display that is fit for purpose.

What did the client think of our design?

Other than the obvious eye catching features, having a QR code that shows potential customers videos of the product being used in the field, a setting that is much more familiar to them, lets them see better how it can work for them on their property. It brings traffic to our website and as an ecommerce shop this is extremely helpful and important to us.

Barry draws attention, gets you interested and is something people will talk about down the track. They will either mention the funny but clever display they saw in the vet clinic or talk about the product itself and the potential benefits its has. Either way, it is spreading the word about the product and bringing new people in.

Our vets love having Barry around, he gives everyone a good giggle. Barry being so light weight and foldable makes it super easy and a no brainer for vets (and educators) to train people anywhere at any time.  For our clinic based vets, they find it great that all the information the client needs is there, and that the client can give it a test run all without a staff member needing to be there.  Barry is very helpful in brining farmers attention to getting pain relief. For example if a farmer comes in to get their new pup vaccinated, while they are waiting. Barry is definitely something that draws their eye and they tend to go have a look. Barry is a great conversation starter and tool/ resources for our vets. Barry means that now each one of our registered vets can be a sales rep for us.


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Andrew Mansfield

Andrew Mansfield

Andrew Mansfield is Director of Genesis Retail Displays and helps his clients maximise shopper engagement and sales using custom designed point of sale displays.

Andrew is a qualified Industrial Designer with 20+ years of industry experience who can provide valuable insights to maximise the effectiveness of POS display design and manufacturing. Based in Australia his prudent advice has helped many brands avoid the numerous and varied pitfalls that can compromise POS display projects.

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