"ePay Pre Paid Gift Cards have become the ideal way for brands to sell their products or services in retail with little stock investment."
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ePay Gift Card Point Of Sale Display Ideas For Retail Stores

Point of sale design agency in Sydney for ePay Gift Card displays.


Pre-Paid Mobile Phone Sims, Playstation Store or Gift Card point of sale installations can help retailers maximise their return on floor space. With retailers around the world trying to recover from lockdown conditions many of them have had to endure over the last 12 months, the attention has turned to ways of trying to maximise the return on floor space. Increasing sales volumes is the obvious answer but with shoppers still reluctant to visit shopping centres every retailer has to think about other ways to maximise any value they can get from the floor space they have when people do visit.


ePay is Australia’s leading full-service provider of prepaid solutions that work with leading brands to create cards that can be used to sell products or services to consumers. It means the retailer doesn’t have to hold any physical stock and the cards can be placed at multiple locations around a retail shop floor like the checkout area, aisle ends, off location display areas or even around seasonal displays. This creates opportunities for retailers to sell items they wouldn’t normally range so for example Woolworths sells Playstation Store pre-paid cards even though they are not a retailer of gaming products.



Genesis Retail Displays can design custom made point of sale display solutions to suit all types of gift cards of different shapes and sizes. This could be for a single brand or a mixture of brands that need to be displayed in a retail store together. 


Free standing floor display for gift cards

We can design a freestanding floor display that is made out of durable materials like metal, wood or even perspex to create a retail product display that is used in a permanent or semi-permanent situation. Our designs can be used on aisle ends at the check out areas or even customer service areas. The graphic design elements can be double sided to attract attention from multiple angles in the shopping environment.




Countertop displays for gift cards
We have designed retail display ideas for various brands that are used on countertop areas in a retail shop. This could be a category section, register area or another location where a customer will be standing near a counter area. These can be made in cardboard for one of promotions or in more durable materials to be used for many months at a time.



Hangsell point of sale display ideas for gift cards
Another clever point of sale display idea for gift cards is to use the hang sell spaces that exist in between fixture joins, end cap areas, walls, pilons or even fridges. A plain surface that is typically not used for anything can be turned into an area that helps sells more products like gift cards.




Our point of sale displays (POS) or point of purchase (POP) displays for ePay Gift Cards can just as easily be applied to Mobile Phone Pre-Paid Sim Cards as well. Physically the items are quite similar and the retailing principles are as well. Our design expertise makes it easy for us to apply our experience and knowledge designing point of sale in Australia to different brands, categories or industry sectors.


Just like the ePay Gift Cards point of sale display examples the same types can be made ie countertop, free standing cardboard display stand, end cap, hangsell or aisle end to be able to display products and branding.  



Genesis Retail Displays has worked with all the major retailers in Australia like JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman, Big W and others who sell pre paid cards. Each of these retailers has displayed theses cards in different ways either on the counter, in the category aisle bay or using free standing display units.

Our team has designed various examples that have been used previously by many leading brand names. 


Where are point of sale displays located?
A point of sale display (POS display) is a specific form of sales and marketing material that is generally found near the cash register areas of a retail store or in other prominent locations like an end cap, aisle bay, promotional goods area or demonstration tables. So these point of sale displays have the aim of attracting a shoppers attention away from the standard shelf placement and planogrammed range of products to try and help mind share for that brand or product. Typically the brands that execute great point of sale displays will increase their sales.



What are point of purchase displays?
Point of purchase displays come in various forms and in many cases some people might consider them as the items next to a register but really the whole store is a ‘point of purchase’ when you think about it. So a point of purchase display can be anything from simple countertop shelf signage to things like free standing cardboard product display stands or even permanent interactive point of purchase displays that have video, lights and sound. Genesis Retail Displays are experts at solving product point of sale display scenarios to get products of all shapes and sizes on display in different parts of a store. We are a specialist in designing point of sale in Sydney that can be used in any retailer in Australia.



How much does a point of purchase display cost?
We love this question and the simple answer is something like ‘how long is a piece of string’. While this sounds silly the fact is that the cost of point of purchase displays can vary from $1,000 to $100,000 depending on the scale and complexity of what you are trying to achieve. If you are happy with mass produced, pre fabricated units then head to Officeworks and buy their standard product display stands. The challenge you will find is trying to align standard designs to your brand, product weight and colouring by trying to adapt off the shelf items.

If you want a point of purchase display that is effective then the only solution is to get custom designed displays that perfectly suit the size, weight and shape of your product, your corporate identity guidelines and your intended purpose. While the cost of doing this is higher, you get a higher quality and more impactful result.



What is the difference between point of sale and point of purchase?
A common misconception is that point of purchase refers only to the space within the store where the transfer of money for the goods occurs, such as the checkout. Although really, point of purchase can be broader than this and be considered the whole shopping environment. The actual checkout area is usually referred to as the “point of sale,” because it is at this point that the buyer has given over their money and completed the sale. The terms get used interchangeably, but think of point of sale as a more narrow way to look at point of purchase. By these definitions, point of purchase marketing can be understood as whatever marketing or merchandising materials your brand provides to its retailers in order to help sales of your product in the store, or whatever materials you include with your product to accompany it where it is displayed.



What is a point of sale promotion?
In most cases a point of sale promotion is referred to as either POS or POP and mean similar things. It is the idea of promoting your brand and product by creating materials that can allow your product to be placed in extra areas of a retail store environment. You can get your product placed in off location areas of a store that are in high traffic areas to create incremental sales opportunities for your product. Doing a point of sale promotion is the best way to increase sales by taking advantage of the existing retail store visitors who are already shopping.



What is POS example?
Genesis Retail Displays has lots of POS examples in our online photo gallery that have been created for different retail locations like grocery, pharmacy and electrical stores.



How does a POS work?
POS or POP displays work by drawing attention to a new product, seasonal promotion or special offer that is presented using different types of point of sale display designs like free standing display units, PDQ’s or even semi permanent end cap displays. By creating something different to the normal retail shelving space you immediately create a visually impactful area for your brand and product that has a greater chance of converting shoppers into buyers by drawing their attention.


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Andrew Mansfield

Andrew Mansfield

Andrew Mansfield is Director of Genesis Retail Displays and helps his clients maximise shopper engagement and sales using custom designed point of sale displays.

Andrew is a qualified Industrial Designer with 20+ years of industry experience who can provide valuable insights to maximise the effectiveness of POS display design and manufacturing. Based in Australia his prudent advice has helped many brands avoid the numerous and varied pitfalls that can compromise POS display projects.

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