Project Description

Strategic Intent of the Campaign

Launch Logitech Australia, branded earphones called Ultimate Ears. Gain retail acceptance in stores such as Harvey Norman’s. Educate users on the Ultimate Ears principle technology and benefits.


  • A permanent retail display for a long term duration 12+ months.
  • Fit a standard Harvey Norman endcap with minimal installation.
  • Maximise product stock hold through hangsell.
  • Offer a lockable security cabinet for premium products.
  • Interchangeable headers.
  • Graphics on bottom kicker and security cabinet.

Solution Description

The Logitech Ultimate Ears point of sales display was designed to launch the Ultimate Ears range into the Australian market. The primary brief focused on gaining retail acceptance within Harvey Normans computer and electronics stores and a display which maximised the amount of product that could be held.

The Ultimate ears display is correctly sized for Harvey Normans Endcaps, the security cabinet provides retail outlets with storage for premium products, and the large graphical headers and kickers provides a strong brand presence instore.

With extensive prototyping and development, the Ultimate ears display was sucessfully launched in a short development cycle. This was achieved with consistent and through communication with the client and our responsiveness.


The Ultimate ears display was well-received by Harvey Normans and has thus been installed in multiple stores nationwide. The Ultimate ears display has continued evolving further and new variations will be instore soon.