Freezer doors create a significant challenge for current in-store advertising technology.  Because frozen food packaging needs to be viewed by shoppers, traditional methods such as signage or decal application are understandably undesirable.
Visual Ice® allows retailers and brands alike to place a message or logo on the door of a freezer, which is invisible until the door is opened and condensation appears. Then, you can watch as the logo is magically visible for as long as the door is open and remain for up to two minutes once the door closes and the condensation gradually dissipates.  This latest nano-technology enables an interactive “billboard” to appear on the freezer door.
The “reactive” nature of the promotion is totally unique and creates a particularly engaging buzz for shoppers.  The applied messages can also be seen from up to ten metres away, influencing passing shoppers as well.
Big brands in the US such as Kraft, Healthy Choice, and Hershey’s are flocking to this cutting-edge surface technology which offers a fantastic opportunity for retailers, frozen food brands and crosspromotion brands to effectively engage frozen product shoppers.  Depending on humidity levels early trials on refrigerated applications are also proving positive.
The patented Visual Ice® technology has been used or tested in around 300 retailers in the US where preliminary data indicated sales increases of up to 48% for products advertised with the Visual Ice® compared with the period prior.
“We constantly ask ourselves how we can help our clients engage shoppers in the frozen and refrigerated products space and in partnering with Visual Ice® in delivering this opportunity to Australian retailers and brands, we now have the answer” said Andrew Mansfield, Director Genesis Retail Displays.